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UnknownDevices Recognizes Your Hardware When Device Manager Can’t [Downloads]

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Windows: When Windows’ Device Manager just can’t seem to give you information about a piece of hardware, free, open-source utility UnknownDevices will point you in the right direction, allowing you to find the necessary drivers to get it up and running. More »

What Private Facebook Information Your Friends Can Publish

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Just because you’ve set your Facebook profile to “Friends only” access doesn’t mean someone who is not your friend can’t see it. One of the most confusing aspects of Facebook’s privacy settings is an area where you specify what information your friends can share about you through applications and web sites, even parts of your profile you made private.

By default, regardless of how private your Facebook profile is, your friends can share the following pieces of information about you, straight from the screenshot on the right: Personal Info (activities, interests, etc), Status updates, Online presence, Website, Family and relationship status, Education and work, My videos, My links, My notes, My photos, Photos and videos I’m tagged in, About me, My birthday, and My hometown.

This whole friends-can-share-private-things by default can lead to some awkward situations, like one I ran into last week.

I’m Facebook friends with my teenage nephew, who is friends with another teenage pal who I am not friends with. This pal has his status updates set to “Friends only” access, which means I can’t see them. But, he hasn’t changed his default “what friends can share about you” settings. So, my nephew “liked” one of his pal’s status updates, and it showed up in my newsfeed, since my nephew and I are friends. I clicked on the status update, and by virtue of the like, I could see the status and the 50-comment conversation that followed between a handful of teens whose profiles are set to “Friends only” and who I am not friends with. Essentially I could see private posts that were never meant for me to see–I’m pretty sure my nephew would be embarrassed if he knew I’d read some of his comments directed at his friends. I felt like the invisible adult who’d stumbled into a middle school locker room conversation that clearly wasn’t meant for anyone to hear but these teens.

The lesson? If you’re using Facebook as a private place to just talk to friends, in addition to setting your profile parts to “Friends only”, make sure you also hit up the what friends can share about me panel (under Privacy Settings > Applications and Websites > What your friends can share about you). This way, if you're a 14-year-old who is friends with your old aunt, she won't get to see comment threads that might embarrass you. (The sad truth is that most teenagers aren’t spending the time to update their privacy settings, so things like this are just going to keep happening.)

For more details on the changes to what Facebook (and your Facebook friends) can share about you in light of Facebook’s recent changes, check out my piece at Fast Company last week, Time to Audit Your Facebook Privacy Settings, Here’s How.

See What Facebook Publicly Publishes About You [Social Networks]

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With Facebook’s new Open Graph API causing such a stir, many people are questioning what Facebook is publishing to the public. Developer Ka-Ping Yee has created a simple tool shows you what everyone else can see. More »

How to Opt Out of Facebook’s Instant Personalization

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Update: Friday morning Facebook changed its privacy settings layout, making it a bit more challenging to opt out completely. As before, unchecking the “Allow” box is not sufficient because you need to block each Instant Personalization website to fully opt out. However, the previous path (via “Learn More”) to the necessary Block Application buttons was removed, with Facebook suggesting instead you first go to the sites (at which point your information is disclosed), and then click “‘No Thanks’ on the blue Facebook notification on the top of partner sites.” To fully opt out, you need to:

  1. Go to the Instant Personalization privacy setting and uncheck the “Allow” button. Click confirm. Come back to this page.
  2. Go to the page for Microsoft Docs, click Block Application on the page, click Block Application on the pop-up, and click Okay on the next pop-up. Come back to this page.
  3. Go to the page for Pandora, click Block Application on the page, click Block Application on the pop-up, and click Okay on the next pop-up. Come back to this page.
  4. Go to the page for Yelp , click Block Application on the page, click Block Application on the pop-up, and click Okay on the next pop-up. Come back to this page.
  5. Optional: Go to the Facebook Site Governance page, and express your opinion in a comment.

Here is the updated video:

Original Post:

Yesterday, Facebook announced Instant Personalization, whereby select websites would “personalize your experience using your public Facebook information.” The initial sites are Pandora, Yelp and Microsoft Docs. As Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained, this means that when you visit “Pandora for the first time, it can immediately start playing songs from bands you’ve liked.” Pandora, and other partners, can also link your real name and other Facebook information with everything you do on their site.

More specifically, these sites “may access any information you have made visible to Everyone … as well as your publicly available information. This includes your Name, Profile Picture, Gender, Current City, Networks, Friend List, and Pages.” On Monday, Facebook announced a transition where a “new type of Facebook Page” will make the “current city, hometown, education and work, and likes and interests sections of your profile” publicly available after you go through the transition tool (or those items will be deleted).

Old video removed. See above.

By default, the “Allow” checkbox for Instant Personalization is checked on your privacy settings. If you don’t want the websites that you or your Facebook friends visit to know your information, you must opt out. Since this process is a bit complicated, we have made a quick video showing step by step how to do so.

Simply unchecking the “Allow” box is not sufficient. As Facebook explains, “if you opt out, your friends may still share public Facebook information about you to personalize their experience on these partner sites unless you block the application.” Nor can you go to the Block Applications setting to block these partner sites. This setting is only for showing which applications and sites are blocked, and unblocking them.

So, to opt out of this fully, you also need to go each page for Microsoft Docs, Pandora, and Yelp and push the Block Application button. If Facebook adds another partner site to the program, you will need to block that as well, so be sure to check back often.

You may also want to review the settings for what friends can share and sharing your profile information.

Windows 7 tweak 8 – patching XP Mode, older apps

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Unfortunately there's no tweak for this.  XPmode is designed to be a single user crutch to get older apps to run.  So there's no easy way to patch it.  I email the person that has it on their machine and on the weekend I patch, I tell them to turn it on and leave it on so my patching tools can reach it.

I personally find that most apps can run just fine in Win7.  If they put up a fuss, try editing the regestry location and also their folder location and open up the permissions. 

You may find with older apps you need to do this — After you turn on User Account Control in Windows Vista, programs may be unable to access some network locations

Sometimes you have to make the choice for the business and get the app running.

Chad blogged about it here.

Windows 7 tweak number 5 – Enable search

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This is one of those duh items that you wonder why it took you so long to find it.

After you enable search service on the server, just go into the Libraries section and hook the folder into the libraries.

Voila… speeded up search on the server.

Recover Data Like a Forensics Expert Using an Ubuntu Live CD [Step By Step]

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Plenty of utilities can recover deleted files, but what if you can’t boot your computer, or the whole drive has been formatted? Here’s how to dig deep and recover the most elusive deleted files, or even whole partitions. More »

KYSBSUG Show Notes – Hard Drive Recovery

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Data go 'bye-bye' sometimesThe Kentucky Small Business Server User Group (KYSBSUG) meeting #74 last week on Hard Drive Recovery had a fantastic turnout! I’d like to thank all who attended and a special thanks to Craig Mayfield for a killer presentation!

Here are the links for the resources mentioned in the presentation:

Turn Live SkyDrive into a 25GB Dropbox-Style Sync Space [Online File Storage]

Filed Under (General) by N8 on 27-04-2010

Microsoft’s SkyDrive offers an eye-opening 25GB of free space to everyone—provided you want to use Microsoft's own products to upload to it. The Download Squad blog shows how to open up SkyDrive using an Office 2010 trial copy. More »

PCI scans on SBS 2003 and SBS 2008

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So here's another Technet Wiki that I'd urge people to post in/help out/give your two cents/add your guidance.

I posted up a new item on PCI scans on a SBS server and guidance to make the Server pass an external scan.

Adjustments needed for a Small Business Server to pass a PCI Scan – TechNet Articles – Home – TechNet Wiki:

If you've had a PCI scan on a box and it gave you an additional item that you needed to fix that I didn't document, I'd urge you to add them to the adjustments needed!